The Fight Against Spam

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Ideology It is clear that spam brings economic benefits to its customers. This means that users, despite the dislike of spam, does enjoy the services advertised through spam. Until the impact of spam exceeds the cost of overcoming protection, spam will not disappear. Thus, the surest way to fight a denial of service advertised through spam. There are proposals on the use of public condemnation, until the end of communication, against those who buy spam advertised goods and services. Other methods are aimed at inhibiting the spammers access to users. Preventive measures to protect The surest way to fight spam – do not let spammers get e-mail address. This is a difficult task, but some precautions can be taken. Do not publish your email address

on public websites. If for some reason the email account to publish, it can be coded like «u_s_e_r_ (a) _d_o_m_a_i_n_._n_e_t». Spammers use special programs to scan websites and collect email addresses, so even a masking addresses can help. It should be remembered, however, that in the simplest cases «encoded» will be able to recognize and address of the program. In addition, it is an inconvenience not only for spammers, but also for ordinary users.

Many services to provide addresses for non-registered users can send a message to the nick. The real address is substituted service of a user profile and not visible to other users. Address can be represented in the form of pictures. There are online services that make it automatically , you can also do it in a graphics editor , or simply write the email address of your hands and take pictures. On the web-pages, e-mail addresses can be protected with the help of Java Script, which is not recognized by the software to collect e-mail addresses.

There is no need to without full guarantees of non-register at the web sites. You can make a special box for these cases and do not use it for regular work. There are even services, issuing disposable addresses specifically to identify them in case of doubt. The most famous of them – Never respond to spam or pass on the reference therein. Such action will confirm that the e-mail address is actively used and would increase the amount of spam.

By downloading the images included in the letter, when read, can be used to test the activity of postal address. It is therefore recommended that they request a mail client for permission to prohibit the effect of loading the image, if you are unsure of the sender. When choosing an e-mail address should, if possible, stay in a long and uncomfortable for guessing the name. Thus, there is less than 12 million names, consisting of no more than 5 Latin letters. Even if you add numbers and symbols underlined, the number of nicknames, less than 70 million.

The spammers can send mails to all such names and weed out those with whom he came to answer «recipient does not exist». Thus, it is desirable that the name was not shorter than 6 characters, and if there are no numbers – not shorter than 7 characters. It is also desirable that the name was not a word in any language, including common names, as well as recorded in Latin Russian words. In this case the address can be guessed by the crowding of words and combinations of the dictionary.

You may from time to time change its address, but this is due to the obvious difficulty: you need to communicate the new address to people who would like to receive e-mails. Companies often do not publish your address, instead of using CGI to communicate with users. All methods of hiding the address is a fundamental flaw: they create an inconvenience, not only the alleged spammers, but the real addressees. Besides, often just need to publish the address – for example, if a contact address.