Eliminate Spam at Source

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The first thing to have is to block spam before it enters your inbox. The only risk to this practice is that any email rejected by your spam software will be lost for good. However, sometimes antispam software wrongAnd consider to be a legitimate email as spam. First solution to dry up the spam at the source, set up SpamPal. This software will Prevent your solution (Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird) to download the spam, Which will save you time to sort the mail left.

This type of spam filter is effective Particularly in the case of a mailbox heavily spammedFor Which the time spent sorting and deleting spam becomes a problem. Ultimately, the user will not mind one or two good messages deleted by accident a few thousand well understood. Alternatively, methods of logical analysis of the spam, using software like SpamBayes working on the source of the e-mail to Detect Whether or not it is spam. Advantage of this technique: the filter is sometimes more intelligent, since it will be able to detect if you tell him several times to type emails casino spam, any content of this type should be redirected to your Deleted Items.

If you delete all content in foreign languages, it will adopt the same attitude to handle spam … Moreover, it is important to Ensure that its anti-spam solution has advanced functions overlap to detect spam The message contains links to external relatively unsafe formatted text, the sender is attached to a nonexistent domain name makes heavy use of certain HTML tags … All of which allow you to automate much of the processing of spam.